To raise national awareness in México about sustainable development, a group of ten students in the Turismo Sustentable y Gestión Hotelera career of the Departamento de Turismo Sustentable, Gestión Hotelero y Gastronomía (Sustainable Tourism, Hotel Management and Gastronomy programme) at the Universidad del Caribe in Cancun, México have co-authored a book on this subject.

In a simple, easy-to-read, and even topical style that also references recent scientific works and news stories, this written work particularly explains the following:

  1. What sustainable development is as a three-dimensioned concept, approach and practice.
  2. How scientific evidence shows that human development activities are (un)sustainable and harming Earth’s natural environment.
  3. Why sustainable development is important to México.
  4. Specific advances México has made toward sustainable development.
  5. Identification of some important sustainable development actions that México and Mexicans can pursue in order to strengthen their society and natural environment.
  6. That México can become a global leader in sustainable development.

Ideas presented by the authors are solution-centred, in an effort for them to make positive contributions on ways for México to develop more sustainably. The ideas they offer purposely reflect and address the unique cultural and national realities of México. Thus, among the 22 specifically identified sustainable development solutions for México, basic ideas are included for the levels of household and neighbourhood. Importantly, all solutions offered are grounded in the 20 essential elements that the authors have identified as being required for Building a sustainably strong society.

The book ends with nine (9) general conclusions for the sustainable development of México.

Through this work the authors hope that México’s political leaders, Mexican citizens, and other interested readers will learn of new ideas and also be reminded of existing ways that can, if collectively applied, help make Mexican society more sustainable and even help to make México a global example in sustainable development.