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This book is simply our way of trying to start a larger and longer conversation in México on the sustainable development of our country.

Our general conclusions for México to become a sustainable country are as follows:

  • 1. We see that Mexican leadership and the public example in México for applying the sustainable development Triple-Bottom-Line - that is, each of the social, environmental and economic interconnexions of sustainable development - must begin with our national, state, and local governments.

  • 2. We know that applying sustainable development principles will not be easy, yet the benefits are well worth it. México can use sustainable development as a tool to improve our peoples’ quality of life, education levels, and economic situations, as well as to improve our country’s natural environment; all the while leaving a brighter future to next generations of Mexicans.

  • 3. By our governments passing and also enforcing laws and regulations that require all aspects of Mexican society to apply the concept, approach and practice of sustainable development, México can quickly become an international example and global leader in this important area.

  • 4. Population control in México is a necessity for the sustainable development of our Republic.

  • 5. With urgent Mexican government investments in Sustainability R&D (research and development), México can become a future global leader in alternative energy and also help to ensure our Republic’s future well-being for that fast-approaching day when our country’s oil resources (and related oil revenue) run dry.

  • 6. We understand that México may not be a perfect country, but what single country can honestly claim to be so. So acknowledging our own national imperfections, we see that our governments at all levels in México need now to begin to rectify some of our imperfections by their:

    • 6.1 seriously beginning the long-process toward ending corruption in our country;
    • 6.2 encouraging the practice of Equality of opportunity (meritocracy over nepotism) throughout our Republic; and
    • 6.3 enforcing and strengthening México’s impressive environmental laws.

  • 7. We think the evidence we present speaks for itself. As we see it through the eyes of science, humans have one positive solution available to us to address the negative impacts which our (un)sustainable development patterns are having on Earth:

The solution is sustainable development.
  • 8. No matter what humans do, Earth as a planet will carry on... with or without the human species. Humans can, of course, still choose to continue on with our currently negative development patterns. And by our species doing so, this would simply result in greater negative consequences to us humans ourselves. Such consequences would likely include growing food crises, increased fresh water shortages, continued global warming and its associated ocean level increases, and loss of biodiversity that itself also threatens the very survival of our human species.

  • 9. The choice for change is ours alone to make. Do we as Mexicans and humans foolishly continue with our (un)sustainable lifestyles? Or do we instead wisely choose a bright future?

The darkening path that science implies is awaiting humans if we continue on with our current patterns of (un)sustainable development is becoming ever more concerning, even frightening.

We hope México’s politicians and our fellow Mexican citizens will chose the bright path of sustainable development.

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